HEALTH 4: Benefits of Cashew Nuts

The cashew nut is kidney-shaped and approximately 2.5 cm long. It consists of an edible kernel surrounded by two shells.

The scientific name for the cashew nut is Anacardium occidentale.

In Nigeria, it is called by various local names:
Kaju (in Yoruba)
Kashu (in Igbo)
Fisa (in Hausa)

1. Helps weight loss.

2. Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

3. Reduces risk of cancer due to its Proanthocyanidin content.

4. May help control blood sugar /diabetes.

5. Produces glowing skin, due to its copper and anti-oxidant content.

6. Aids digestion and soothes stomach ailments.

7. Promotes good eyesight, due to its high levels of lutein and other vital antioxidants.

8. Maintains nerve health.

9. Boosts energy levels, due to its array of minerals and vitamins.

A good goal is to take about 3 to 4 Cashew nuts each day.


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