ODD WORLD: 27 Passengers Crammed Into Over-speeding Keke (Tricycle)

When the police in the Indian town of Fatehpu in Uttar Pradesh state stopped an over-speeding tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw or commercial tricycle, which is called a “Keke NAPEP” or “Keke Marwa in Nigeria), they were shocked at the incredible sight that met their eyes.

When the police tried to flag down the Keke for over-speeding, the driver tried to race away. Police then chased it down and forced it to stop. They were then astounded to see more than 2 dozen passengers inside the tricycle.

A video showing a total of 27 people (including children and the elderly), getting off the tuk-tuk has now gone viral on social media. It also shows a policeman counting the passengers as they exit the tricycle.

A Keke can normally carry 3 passengers but some are modified to seat up to 6. The tuk-tuk has been seized for being overloaded and for violating the speed limit.

Watch the video here:


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